Weirdly Refreshing, Refreshingly Weird

Kickapoo Joy Juice, Kickapoo Fuzzy Navel, Kickapoo Maliblu, Kickapoo Fruit Shine
Once a fictional beverage in a long-running newspaper comic strip, today, the citrus flavor of Kickapoo Joy Juice is as real as it gets. Released in 1965, Kickapoo Joy Juice was born and raised right here in the ATL at the NuGrape Facility in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

Refusing to become just another strait-laced, buttoned-up brand, Kickapoo Joy Juice took on the unique, diverse personality of its founding city, and for decades Kickapoo Joy Juice has helped share Atlanta’s quirky southern charm with the rest of the world.

Today, Kickapoo is available in 3 additional flavors:
Fruit Shine, a sangria-flavored soft drink packed with an amazing fruit taste.
Maliblu, a pina colada-flavored soft drink with a coconut and pineapple flavor that will practically make you feel the sand between your toes.
Fuzzy Navel, a savory soft drink with a delicious peach taste.