Kickapoo Joy Drinks have made a comeback in the U.S. market with the addition of more great flavors, new packaging options and versatile distribution channels. Kickapoo Joy Juice is a citrus-flavored soda inspired by Al Capp’s comic strip “Li’l Abner,” which appeared in US newspapers from 1934 to 1977.


The name, “Kickapoo Joy Juice”, was originally coined as a “volatile brew” in Li’l Abner, an American comic strip. Al Capp, the cartoonist, described the drink as “a liquor of such stupefying potency that the hardiest citizens of Dogpatch, after the first burning sip, rose into the air, stiff as frozen codfish”. It was said to be an elixir of such power that the fumes alone have been known to melt the rivets off battleships.

“Not Moonshine”

Capp asserted in 1965 that the cartoon “never has suggested that the drink is moonshine”, in response to claims that the Kickapoo Joy Juice of Li’l Abner was an illicitly distilled liquor. Brewed by Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat, two of the comic strip’s backwood poachers, the ingredients of the brew are both mysterious and all encompassing, (much like the contents of their cave, which has been known to harbor prehistoric monsters.)

When a batch “needs more body,” the formidable pair simply goes out and clubs one (often a moose), and tosses it in. Over the years, the “recipe” has called for live grizzly bears, panthers, kerosene, horseshoes and anvils, among other ingredients.


Kickapoo is the first brand Monarch introduced in international markets. It was launched in Southeast Asia in 1966 and has been delighting consumers ever since. Today Kickapoo has become the #1 heavy citrus brand in Malaysia and Singapore thanks to its superior taste. In those countries, the brand now challenges Sprite and 7Up for market leadership after colas. Kickapoo contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine will, in general, be superior to the amount present in leading cola brands.