Bored Guy Fills Pool with Joy Juice, Invents Kickapool

Posted in Kickapoo News on March 28, 2016

At first glance, the backyard of Seth Daniels appears like any other in his suburban Los Angeles neighborhood, but a closer look reveals something that is being considered the first of its kind.

“It was empty, so I decided to pour a bottle of Kickapoo in there. After the first bottle I knew I was onto something special, so I didn’t stop until the whole thing was filled with Kickapoo,” said Daniels, as he unveiled his creation to a crowd of onlookers.

The 20-something-year-old is being credited with creating the world’s first “Kickapool” after filling his empty swimming pool with Kickapoo Joy Juice.

When asked why he decided to fill his pool with the citrus flavored soda, Daniels replied, “I don’t know, it just felt right.”

“I don’t know, it just felt right.”

For Daniels, apparently swimming in his newly created Kickapool also felt right, as he revealed that he’d gone for a swim several times.

“Some people might disagree with swimming in a pool of Kickapoo, or they might say it’s not safe, but I’m fine. Yeah, last night I realized I’m starting to glow in the dark, but who’s to say it came from swimming in Kickapoo? That could have come from anything,” said Daniels.