Kickapoo Joy Juice Now Available at Cracker Barrel Retail Stores in 42 States

Posted in Kickapoo News on March 29, 2016

Road warriors and loyal patrons of Cracker Barrel Retail Stores in almost every state in America have a refreshing new beverage option for quenching their thirst: citrus-flavored Kickapoo Joy Juice in 12-ounce glass bottles. The signature sparkling beverage will be available for purchase at all 635 Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores in 42 states through a recently sealed sales and distribution agreement with Atlanta-based Monarch Beverages.

Kickapoo Joy Juice will be sold in Cracker Barrel Retail Stores for $1.49 per bottle.

The fact that Kickapoo Joy Juice is made with real sugar and natural flavors and packaged in glass bottles allows it to meet the demanding standards of many craft soda aficionados.

“Kickapoo Joy Juice appeals to people of all ages who identify with specialty brands. For some, it is a beloved classic that invokes a feeling of nostalgia, an association with memories of good times and good experiences. For others, often younger and just discovering the brand, a major appeal is the quirky, fun-loving personality of the brand which allows it to deliver a unique connection and experience,” explained Didier Arnaud, Chief Operating Officer of Monarch Beverages.