Kickapoo Joy Juice pulls sponsorship of International badger grooming competition

Posted in Kickapoo News on May 16, 2016

Citing its love and support for animals all around the world, last week, Kickapoo proudly announced its sponsorship of the 2nd Annual International Badger Grooming Competition scheduled for next month in Madison, Wisconsin. However, in a shocking turn of events, Kickapoo has now pulled its sponsorship after footage of last year’s competition surfaced online.

“It was horrible,” said Martha White, an attendee at the 2015 competition. Describing her experience at last year’s inaugural International Badger Grooming event, White recalled thinking to herself, “Are they seriously going to try to groom wild badgers?”

That’s exactly what happened, and the results are being called terrifying by some, and horrifying by others. The footage that recently came to light revealed a chaotic scene as wild badgers, and people fleeing wild badgers, created a frenzy in the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center where the event was held.

Kickapoo released an official statement earlier today explaining their initial support represents their love of animals, and in no way endorses the deplorable behavior displayed by the badgers at last year’s competition. According to Kickapoo, when they were asked to sponsor the event, they were shown this image of a “cute” badger.

Kickapoo went on to explain that the organization had no idea that anything this cute could cause so much chaos.

Due to the outcry, the event’s organizers are now reconsidering holding next month’s Badger Grooming Competition, and have already scrapped plans for its Wolverine Grooming Competition which was under consideration for the fall.